Industry standard of welding roller frame and roller material

Welding Positioner according to industry standards, is that welding roller frame should be used to communicate a wide speed DC motor or an electric motor, to drive the automatic transmission through the rollers. The circumferential speed of the automatic roller should meet the welding process requirements, and the range of stepless speed regulation is 6-60m/h. According to different welding processes, the amount of speed fluctuation can be divided into A-level and B-level. The rotation speed of the roller should be uniform and stable, and no creeping phenomenon is allowed.

Secondly, the production and installation accuracy of the welding roller frame should meet the specified 8 accuracy requirements, and the materials should be made of high-quality steel, and the stress should be eliminated and heat treatment should be carried out after welding. The roller frame needs to be installed with a reliable conductive device, and no welding current is allowed to flow through the bearing, causing damage.

In addition, the diameter of the roller, the additional load of the roller holder and the allowable diameter of the cylindrical workpiece should meet the requirements. If the cylindrical workpiece is welded to the anti-axial movement roller holder, the axis of the workpiece will be The amount of movement in the direction should be ≤±3mm. The center distance of each pair of rollers needs to be adjusted according to the diameter of the cylindrical workpiece to ensure that the wrap angle of the two roller pairs is 45°-110°.

The rollers on the welding roller frame are available in a variety of materials, mainly polyurethane rollers, steel-plastic composite rollers, etc. Users should purchase them according to their needs. The polyurethane roller for welding roller frame is made of imported polyurethane and its tensile strength, tear strength, wear resistance and other functions are 3-5 times higher than ordinary rubber.

The steel-rubber combination is capable of bearing pressure and the rubber wheel has a long life. The main drive worm adopts ZC arc-tooth cylindrical worm. The tooth surface of the worm is quenched and ground. The bearing capacity is twice that of the general cylindrical worm. It has high efficiency and long service life. The base is equipped with a scale, and the user can adjust the diameter of the cylinder. Adjust the distance between the two wheels.

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